Stage Hypnosis Training

The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis Training

David Knight Master Hypnotist

Meet your trainer: David Knight International Comedy Hypnotist


All The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed!

The Course Includes:
A 150 Page Stage Hypnosis Manual
4 Hypnosis Video Downloads
Stage Hypnosis Audio
Hypnosis Circle Membership
(Optional Hands on Training)

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David Knight.
World Class Master Hypnotist

Over 30 years of professional experience makes David Knight one of the most successful and sought after Comedy Hypnotists available today.

David Knight has performed his hypnotic comedy show, seminars and training in 48 countries around the world.

Course Trainer - David Knight - The Worlds Fastest Hypnotist
Train in the safe hands of Master Hypnotist and Trainer David Knight. David Knight is one of the most sought after Hypnotists worldwide. David has performed his hypnotic laughter show over 5,000 times around the world, hypnotising over 50,000 people. With over 25 years of experience and with support from The British Academy of Hypnosis this is without question the most professional and powerful training courses worldwide.

Corporate / Theatre / Cruise Ships / Seminars / Training

David Knight is without questions one of the most sought after Stage Hypnotists available today.

David Knight is without question one of the busiest working Hypnotists today. Still performing his hilarious hypnosis comedy stage show around the world.

Training with David Knight offers perhaps the best training opportunity possible. With this unique training program you will have all the secrets of hypnosis revealed to you.

Training positions are limited.

Train only with the best.

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Stage Hypnosis Training